Project Description

White Plains Linen Commercial Laundry Operation & Redevelopment

Mr. Lynch oversaw the preparation of environmental and planning documentation for several major industrial development and redevelopment projects in the City of Peekskill including 9 Corporate Drive, Karta Recycling and White Plains Linen.

Each project presented unique circumstances.

White Plains Linen: White Plains Linen operates several facilities in the City of Peekskill. The majority of the operations including all laundering was formerly situated in several large, noncompliant, interconnected buildings at the northernmost end of the City’s downtown area. Operation of the facility presented many issues to surrounding primarily residential neighbors, including hours of operation, street blockages for loading and unloading, noise from machinery, other equipment and delivery trucks (which shuttled dirty and clean linens between the large downtown facility and another facility for processing), noise from carts (used outside the building to make intra-facility deliveries), storage of materials temporarily on the street, changes to exhaust systems and the building exterior, fugitive lint, and the storage of hazardous materials in large quantities at the facility. The facility had been operating for many years without a special permit, which was a source of disagreement and friction with the City.

White Plains Linen is a major employer in the City. When a site adjacent to White Plains Linens’ warehouse became available, the City worked closely with the owners to move operations to a newly constructed facility at that site.

Mr. Lynch worked with the owner and the City of Peekskill to address all of the operational issues at the existing facility, and to secure acceptable and achievable special permit and site plan controls for the facility. Mr. Lynch assisted with follow-up compliance actions.

Mr. Lynch also oversaw the planning process for the new combined facility. White Plains Linen, Peekskill’s largest employer with 400 employees, will operate from a new 90,000 sq. ft. facility that was constructed from two existing industrial buildings and 30,000 square feet of new construction. The new facility secured Industrial Development Agency inducements and is Peekskill’s largest economic development project in over a decade.