►Diligent, competent, equal-handed service, attention to detail, time and budgetary commitments, a versatile skill set, mediating standpoint and common sense judgment have been hallmarks of over 25 years in the planning profession.  


  • A wide range of environmental, land use planning, permitting, environmental and development advisory capabilities.  
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  • NYC, Westchester, Hudson Valley, Long Island and New Jersey


►Since 1987.


►An approach that seeks to provide value to every client and add value to every project.  


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►Whether you are an attorney, architect or engineer, consultant or consulting firm, municipal official, developer or development professional, call us to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.


►Can we do any of the following for you, your organization or agency?  


We can:

  • Work with applicants, property-owners, municipal officials, review boards & government agencies to address development issues. 
  • Prepare and review environmental and regulatory documents.
  • Perform reliable fiscal and economic analyses.
  • Coordinate the activities of other professionals.
  • Work with regulatory agencies to obtain permits and licenses, and changes to resource mapping.
  • Provide thoughtful, informative guidance for planning and development projects.  Focus efforts and make efficient use of limited resources. Develop thoughts and vet ideas.  Understand and articulate competing viewpoints.
  • Meet your time and budgetary commitments. 
  • Reduce the time needed to become familiar with NYS's new SEQRA forms.
  • Advocate for good planning, sound development, a greater range of options for current and future generations, and conservation of land and energy.
  • Evaluate a proposal or a plan.  
  • Identify needs, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats.  
  • Research, organize, evaluate and present complex information.


►For agency clients specifically, we can:

  • Assist with grant applications and administration
  • Work with and back up staff for planning & zoning administration
  • Free up staff time for other tasks
  • Organize and manage information and department activities
  • Review environmental documents such as EISs
  • Draft ordinances and code amendments
  • Preare, edit and revise policy documents
  • Prepare background studies and opportunities analyses
  • Meet with applicants and citizen committees
  • Work effectively with municipal staff and other consulting professionals
  • Mediate the interests of applicants, municipal and agency departments and staff, and board members
  • Develop the record for projects under review to support prudent, timely and substantiated decision-making.  


►Want to see what else we can do for you? Detailed information is in the Statement of Qualifications below.  See the Services and Projects pages for information on specific services and projects.  


►A quick snapshot of John Lynch's core competencies is provided in the skills-oriented resume below.  See the resume web-page for other resumes and additional information.  

Skills and Experience
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Statement of Qualifications
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Look up your family in a 1940's phone book or just see pictures of the old neighborhood.   

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City Limits is a New York City-based non-profit that strengthens community engagement on civic, economic, and social justice issues. Since 1976, we’ve fulfilled our mission by publishing investigative journalism, documentary photography, creating new media and convening conversations that increase public awareness.  

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GOOD is the integrated media platform for people who want to live well and do good. We are a company and community for the people, businesses, and NGOs moving the world forward.


Girl Gang's Open Invitation (Fri, 19 Dec 2014)
In a sun-dappled Los Angeles apartment, a quartet of young women sits down to breakfast after what looks like a punk rock sleepover party. But a distressing text message from a friend in need cuts short the cheerful morning. The women trade their pajamas for black t-shirts and their OJ for weapons and dash out the door. They quickly locate their troubled friend, who’s being harassed by a menacing, oblivious young dude. The quartet brandishes chains and box-cutters, chasing the guy away and straight into a raucous, all-female punk show. Soon enough, even the douchebag is embracing, and being embraced by, the no-holds-barred crowd.  Not only does this scene comprise the music video for Kate Nash’s “Girl Gang,” a snarling feminist re-imagining of L.A. punk outfit Fidlar’s “Cocaine,” but it also serves as a visual metaphor for Nash’s actual Girl Gang. Yes, Nash, who gained her first platinum album with deceptively sweet pop songs a la fellow Brit Lily Allen, has started a “gang.” “I want to create a forum, a support group, a collective out here. I want it to be a global thing too. So I am building and growing the idea of ‘Girl Gang’ and I want to encourage you to do the same,” the BRIT award-winner announced to her fans this summer. Citing long-standing issues such as pay inequality, body shaming, prostitution criminalization, victim blaming, and more, Nash asked herself, “What can I do to change any of this?” Nash’s solution is to create a do-it-together safer space for feminists, inspired by her relatively recent relocation to Los Angeles. While the music video for the namesake song takes a literal approach, the idea behind the Girl Gang collective is a little more high-minded: bring together a group of feminists (women, men, nonbinary individuals) who will spark intelligent conversations and help each other set and reach personal and professional goals. For the inaugural Girl Gang meeting, Nash did just this. “I just pulled together a bunch of girls to meet in my garage,” said Nash. “What I’d like to do is have a group that meets, and we can educate each other and … inspire one another, build our confidence and do exciting things together.” Indeed, ‘do’ is integral—it’s important to the group that what goes down in the weekly meetings leads to tangible outcomes. Thus the motto, “Do cool shit and change the world.” I think it really boils down to instilling some confidence in someone. Many of the flagship Girl Gang members come from Los Angeles’ punk and indie music scene. Among that group at Girl Gang’s first official meeting was Katy Goodman, Nash’s friend and dream-pop trailblazer (La Sera, ex-Vivian Girls). “Female friendships have always been the most important thing in my life, and as an adult it has been a mission of mine to maintain those relationships and let them flourish,” said Goodman of her attraction to the Girl Gang concept. Nash cites Goodman as an early, inspiring Girl Gang success story, pointing to that first meeting when members were asked to describe their talents. “Katy started talking about her interest in video games and science and music, and how she always feels like she’s in a boys’ domain, and that’s what she’s always been told,” said Nash. “She’s very passionate about science and wants to bring that to girls.” Encouraged by her fellow members, by the next meeting Goodman had snagged a physics tutoring job, which Nash thinks is “just so fucking cool.” Nash likens Girl Gang to a type of support group for women, and she’s used the meetings to share her own worries about record label dealings and the stresses of the music industry. “To just sit with 15 girls and get advice on something you’re going through, it can be really helpful,” said Nash. “I think it really boils down to instilling some confidence in someone. Katy Goodman said in one of our meetings that she realized that most girls don’t feel ok, and that really rung in my ears. Yeah, that’s what it is. You just don’t feel ok. You crucify yourself all the time about stupid stuff. We all do it, and it actually can really hold you back from doing stuff. … Trying to change that is something really important to me.” Girl Gang member Ali Koehler (Upset, ex-Best Coast, ex-Vivian Girls) heard about the movement from her former bandmate Goodman and quickly signed up. “As a child I just intuitively challenged the things I was told I could and could not do. I had an older brother, and … I insisted we be treated the same,” said Koehler. “It wasn't something I was taught, just a part of my personality. As I went through puberty I tried to retain that spirit, but it's really hard to do,” she continued. “Girls start to be objectified at a disturbingly young age, and it's really hard to not let that feed into your image of yourself and your role in the world. I still struggle with it.” For Goodman, Girl Gang provides a way to break down the media-encouraged competition among women, especially artists and entertainers. “It takes active resistance. Being passive about the implied competition only gives it strength,” says Goodman. “As a woman, I have to go out of my way to show people that women make better teammates than enemies. Together, we can do awesome things, and it's important to tell the world.” On that front, Girl Gang seems to be making waves. The group has evolved quickly over the past few months, holding its first public meeting in September at The Smell in downtown Los Angeles. It was a sold-out event that raised money for Santa Monica-based nonprofit I AM THAT GIRL and featured local acts Peach Kelli Pop, The Aquadolls, Colleen Green, and more. “This year’s been mainly about getting together, meeting each other,” said Nash. “Next year we’ll organize more activities and events together.” Of the collective’s big-picture goals Nash imagines “a Girl Gang mansion with everyone living there together while running a Girl Gang company. Everyone’s welcome at the mansion. We want to give everyone confidence and happiness and love. And animals.” Image courtesy In the meantime, Girl Gang members contribute to its many endeavors while simultaneously developing their own hobbies and professional talents. Members have designed and crowdsourced everything from “How to Throw a Girl Gang Meeting” posters to “gang” jacket tutorials to an official fanzine. They have resources online for those looking to harness the positive power of the internet and start their own chapter. Girl Gang has already gone international with groups cropping up from Manchester, England to Brazil. When a chapter has a particularly inspiring moment or wants to rally support for a political cause, they post and share with fellow Girl Gang members near and far via their many social networks. They go by girlgangyeah on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Similarly, Girl Gang chapters live-tweet and follow along with public meetings happening across the globe. “The internet can empower me as much as I can let it dumb me down. I’ve realized it’s a choice,” wrote Nash in her Girl Gang manifesto. Girl Gang TV, which premiered December 18 courtesy of the videography talents of members Kelsey Hart and Sophia Muller, may be the best realization of the gang’s goals yet. Nash may not be able to squeeze everyone into her L.A. garage, but she hopes the YouTube channel will serve as a global forum. “I was really inspired by Russell Brand’s channel, The Trews,” says Nash. “I think that it’s really empowering. I personally watch that in the morning with a coffee, and it helps me break down some of the stuff that’s going on.” Girl Gang TV will feature everything from skateboarding tutorials to advice on fostering animals. Girl Gang members have plans to interview subjects like Elizabeth Kucinich, an executive producer of the film GMO OMG and the legendary Chicana punk frontwoman Alice Bag. “So just different things,” said Nash. “Some educational, some fun and interesting, some weird. We’ve got music sessions and stuff, photography. Advice in different fields. Comedy.” Girls start to be objectified at a disturbingly young age, and it's really hard to not let that feed into your image of yourself and your role in the world The TV project is somewhat of a reflection of Girl Gang itself, still in its infancy and hovering somewhere between the political roots of the riot grrrl movement and the question-everything philosophy behind FMLY, the radical creative collective behind The L.A. Fort with enclaves and followers across the country. Both Girl Gang and FMLY aim to foster creativity, politics, respect, anger, upheaval, democracy, conversation, planning, change, organization, open source everything, mindfulness, education, and support. To borrow from FMLY co-founder Noah Klein’s interview with The FADER this summer regarding safer spaces and community building, “Nothing is defined, everything is relatively fucked, and to progress civically, aesthetically, relationally, and so forth, we each need to be open to criticism and encourage community discussion within a global conversation.” Girl Gang hopes to continue to grow and develop, and if the specifics come across as undefined, that’s by design. The group’s demographic is anyone who cares about social justice and wants to meet like-minded people. The goal, vague as it may be, is positive change, be it on a political or personal level. Or better yet, both. There’s no definitive blueprint for social justice, and there never has been. Girl Gang hopes to speed along the process through community support. “You can literally do anything you set your mind to,” says Koehler of the message Girl Gang imparts. “Don't make excuses, make actions.” 
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Hey, Your Breath Smells Like Fat (Fri, 19 Dec 2014)
Illustration by Tyler Hoehne It’s almost the new year. Time for resolutions and a game plan for chiseling away at that extra layer the holiday season so unceremoniously padded your midsection with. It’s not going to be fun, but you’ve wrought this evil upon yourself. So while you’re waiting on hold to renew that gym membership, ponder this: Do you really know where the fat you’re burning goes? As crazy as it may sound, you’re breathing most of it out. Chances are you thought it gets converted into energy, or turns into muscle, or maybe just gets excreted and is left to the sewer overlords beneath the porcelain throne—all fair guesses, to be sure, but common misconceptions. Ruben Meerman and Andrew J. Brown of the University of New South Wales, the biochemists behind the study that appeared in the latest British Medical Journal, told the BBC, “None of this biochemistry is new, but for unknown reasons it seems nobody has thought of performing these calculations before,” referring to their biochemical mapping of fat exiting the body. Let’s break this down: Fat from the food you consume is stored as triglyceride (comprised of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen) in the body. When you burn fat, and break it down, approximately a fifth of the triglyceride becomes water (H20), which your body can excrete in a variety of ways, and the remainder becomes carbon dioxide (CO2), which can simply be exhaled. “Our calculations show that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for fat,” the duo reports, going on to reiterate the oft-heard advice of “eat less, move more” to those seeking to lose weight and concluding their study with the recommendation that their findings “be included in secondary school science curriculums and university biochemistry courses to correct widespread misconceptions about weight loss.” (Hey, even dietitians, personal trainers, and family doctors are still getting this wrong.) Now that’s some food for thought. 
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A Zero Energy House That Truly Pulls Its Weight (Fri, 19 Dec 2014)
We’re always looking for ways to be more energy conscious, but what if your house already did the legwork for you? This tilted, ecologically savvy model dwelling near Larvik, Norway, actually creates more energy than it consumes—a “plus house,” it’s called. Brought to life by the combined creative genius of the Research Centre on Zero Emission Buildings and design firm Snøhetta, the zero energy house was created as both an exercise in eliminating greenhouse gases emitted by buildings as well as a stage for increasing understanding of “plus houses” and their potential impact. The house, which has been nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award (or the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture), boasts ample windows for natural light, a natural stone wall which both props the titled structure and stabilizes thermal changes, geothermal wells, a photovoltaic covered roof to generate electricity, and many more jealousy-inducing features.
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“Just What I Always Wanted … A Chestnut Praline Latte.” (Fri, 19 Dec 2014)
This Christmas Eve Day, Starbucks is poised to again break its own record sale of over 2 million gift cards--that’s 1,500 Starbucks gift cards purchased per minute, the most popular last minute gift for procrastinators.  Over the course of the last year, 4 billion dollars have been spent on Starbucks gift cards. For some perspective that’s: The GDP of Malawi The value of the Real Madrid soccer team  The cost of all spending during the United States midterm elections The amount that the European Union brokered in behalf of gas supply for Ukraine this winter The value of Chinese equipment exports that will build a 1400km railway in Nigeria  
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