Professional References

Public Sector

City of Peekskill Planning Director

City of Peekskill Recommendation.pdf
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City of Peekskill Zoning Coordinator

John Lynch – Letter of Recommendation on[…]
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City of Yonkers Planning Director

Yonkers Planning Director Reference.pdf
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City of Peekskill Planning Commission Chairman

Peekskill Planning Commission.pdf
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City of Peekskill Mayor Catalina Letter

City of Peekskill Mayor Catalina Letter
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Private Sector

Tim Miller Associates Recommendation

Tim Miller Associates Recommendation.pdf
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EMW Architecture & Planning Recommendation

EMW Architecture and Planning Recommenda[…]
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Awards and Accomplishments

John Lynch Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

John Lynch Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award.pdf
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Here are some recommendations from my LinkedIn Page:
“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing John for almost 20 years, and worked alongside him at Tim Miller Associates, Inc. as a Senior Environmental Consultant and as a freelance IT Consultant at Edward M. Weinstein, Architects & Planners, PC. I have rarely worked with someone as razor-sharp as John. I would describe him as full of energy, conscientious, and a highly knowledgeable and experienced planner. Through first-hand experience, I can attest to his extraordinary verbal and written communication skills. He is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to recommend his services.”
James Stanley, Senior Environmental Consultant, Tim Miller Associates, Inc.
“I worked with John when he was the planner at Ed Weinstein Architecture and Planning. John was instrumental in providing guidance and recommendations for Westchester County’s Riverwalk Guideline’s document. This was an extensive project that needed attention to detail. John subsequently was the liaison for permitting and helped scope the development of the Croton Landing project.

John is easy to work with, very thorough and has a strong command of zoning and planning issues.

I would highly recommend working with John on a wide range of projects scopes.”

Lucille Munz, Partner, Cherbuliez/Munz Landscape Architecture
“I’ve worked with John on real estate development projects over the years. He has always shown great attention to detail while keeping the big picture in mind, as well. Once John embarks on an assignment he takes it through to completion requiring minimal input, but he always keeps his client adequately informed. John’s approach enables projects to advance smoothly and efficiently.”
Bruce Lozito, hired John J. as a Consulting Planner in 2004
“John is always a joy to work with. He is very knowledgeable about the projects he is working on and he is always very willing to help me whenever I have a question about something I need to know for a County Planning Board review for something happening in Peekskill. John also has a great sense of humor, which is good to have in this line of work.”
Lukas Herbert, Associate Planner, Westchester County
“John is an excellent example of an insightful, passionate, and hard working “partner” on any level. I would be proud to TEAM up with John in any endeavor.”
Frank Cimino, hired John J. as a Business Consultant in 2007
“I highly recommend John Lynch’s planning work. His work is careful and comprehensive and he asks the right questions to get to the gist of matters.”
Bernis Nelson, Corporation Counsel, City of Peekskill
“John is an extremely professional individual. He is detailed oriented and tenacious when he needs to be.”
John Fratta, Asst. District Manager, Community Board 11
“The City of Peekskill Department of Planning and Development is a Staff agency of the City with the responsibility of providing advice to the City Manager, Mayor and Common Council, and Planning Commission on current and long-term land use, development and historic preservation issues. The Department often relies on the advice and expertise of consultants; John Lynch has worked for the City of Peekskill as a Consulting Planner since 2002. Mr. Lynch became a highly trusted and regarded member of my staff.

Mr. Lynch is very creative, and his work products are very professional and accurate. He excels at public presentations, and considers all comments and welcomes input on his plans. He has diligently completed assignments in a timely and economical manner. His interests and abilities extend into areas outside of his core expertise, and his common-sense and pragmatic approach has allowed for the completion of many assignments and projects with time and money to spare. The City of Peekskill would not hesitate to hire him again.

I would highly recommend John Lynch, AICP and believe that he would be a great asset to any organization.”

Anthony Ruggiero, MPA, AICP
“I have known John or over 20 years and can easily say he is a man of integrity. John always gives 100% to all that he does. He is hardworking and diligent. John treats all individuals with dignity and respect”
Joanne Pearl, Supervisor of Evaluation Services, Montefiore Medical Center
“John Lynch and I have a friendship extending back over 30 years now, from high school days. We have worked collaboratively on high school reunions 3 times now, both of us acting in support roles and also leading as co-presidents and co-treasurers. John has displayed the most hard-working, honest and far-ranging volunteer work I have had the privilege to witness in these roles. He took risks on behalf of a larger community also, our class.
In addition, John is erudite, dedicated to excellence, and is worthy of the trust of any employer. He has done well all his life and has great references.”
Marsha Newman, Registered Nurse, Federation Employment and Guidance Service
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