Project Description

River Pointe at Drum Hill Senior Residences Peekskill, New York

Drum Hill is a former Peekskill middles and high school that was developed into an assisted living facility in the 1990’s. In 2004 the City was approached with a proposal to provide additional housing for active seniors on an adjacent property. The City’s Middle School was in the midst of being constructed on a parcel immediately to the south. Mr. Lynch was asked to develop zoning text and map amendments that would allow the development of a project that fit in with the existing landmarked Drum Hill building, while assuring that a campus-like atmosphere and amenities for the future residents and the surrounding neighborhood were provided. Ultimately the project also included Westchester County participation. Public open space and stairway access, long closed to area residents because of safety concerns, aesthetic treatments to a prominent public retaining wall, and access to the topographically difficult site were critical elements of the site improvements that were included in the site development plan. The appearance of the structure at this prominent location was also an important criterion considered during the initial review of this project. Subsequent review was needed to assure the same outcomes after the project’s development pro forma changed. In addition to the zoning text and map changes, Mr. Lynch prepared the requisite environmental review of the various aspects of the project.