Project Description

Continental View Residential Project Mamaroneck, New York

Continental View was a controversial affordable residential project situated on Guion Creek in the Town of Rye portion of the Village of Mamaroneck. Town of Rye property divided the three parcels that formed the project site. The site’s geography complicated development as project opponents alleged that a conterminous site was necessary. Environmental issues that were exhaustively reviewed included historical attributes of the site which supported a former inn and catering hall, and the adjacent Guion Creek which included a historic bulkhead and cemetery accessed via the project site, public access, habitat on the Guion Creek estuary, views into the site from adjacent topographically higher residences and from the Boston Post Road, and traffic issues resulting from the site’s configuration. This project involved extensive review by Village boards, neighbors (one of whom is a notable regulatory health professional) and was the first to be reviewed for consistency under the Village’s local waterfront program policies. Westchester County provided funding for the innovative drainage and public access program on the site. Mr. Lynch prepared the Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements for the project.